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Yukari Tsubone Yukari Tsubone

Yukari Tsubone

This school is a small university, but the students and the teachers have a close relationship, and students are in an environment where they can easily communicate with their teachers. It is up to each and every student’s level of awareness as to whether they can make the most of this environment. Don’t be easily controlled by the flow of what is going on around you. Please hold true to yourself strongly. We look forward to supporting a person who strives to learn like that.

About learning at
our university.

At our university, we aim to raise up people with the skills and knowledge necessary to take an active part in society, and students can choose classes from 5 academic fields of study with a studio course at their core.
In the Tourism Department students not only learn about Tourism, but from lecturers who have taken actual part in tourism industry jobs, students can get training that ties in with gaining knowledge of actual workplaces. In the Cross Cultural Studies Department we aim to raise active members of the global society who can discover problems and think of solutions to those problems in classes, while learning modern languages.
One of the special features of this university is the extra attention paid to supplying Japanese classes for international students. We aim to train students in the academic Japanese language necessary for life in university, and aim to provide them with Japanese which is in actual use at university or society at large. Aside from the required subjects, each student is able to choose the optional subjects for the skills they need to master.

A message to those people
thinking of joining us at
this university.

At this university, starting from Chinese and Vietnamese students, we have many international students from various countries studying with us. Upon graduating, many of those students will stay and work in Japan’s Tourism Industry, or do their best to find work in positions where they interact with others. In order for them to achieve that goal, what they need the most is communication skills. Please don’t only learn languages, but consciously take part in activities where you mingle with other people. It is when you meet up with others that you will learn the most. Please don’t just sit in your lectures, take part in “activities” from your own initiative.

Japanese translation


The actual rate of successful work
placements at March 2019

Number of successful work placements /
number of graduate students –
number of students advancing to post
graduate studies.

90.2% International Students

Taken from data analysis of graduates
gaining employment between 2016 and 2018 ( At the end of February)

Employment Situation
According to Work Categories

Employment Situation According to Work Categories Employment Situation According to Work Categories

Career Center

At Osaka University of Tourism we offer Career Guidance Support to students over the 4 year term of their university studies.
Detailed and personal advice and guidance is given to students in small group sessions.


The Career Center which is on the 1st floor of the No. 5 Meijo Building has fulltime dedicated staff.

  • Point 1

    From when students are in their 3rd year, until their graduation,
    they get individual attention in one on one interviews on multiple occasions.

  • Point 2

    The Career Center Staff offer suitable advice to students who desire to look for employment through engaging them in up to date employment searching activities and ongoing interviews.

  • Point 3

    By introducing students whose desired job conditions are a close match to the available work positions, and by correcting entry sheets and resumes, and by carrying out job interview practical training. The university also supports internship activities. The university also supports internship activities.



I hope that one day I can
spread the Japanese style of
customer service to Sri Lanka.


March 2016 Tourism Department Graduate