March 2016
Tourism Department



I hope that one day I can spread the Japanese style
of customer service to Sri Lanka.

On days which are special to the customer,
we supply a value-added service.

From guiding a customer to their room to guiding around a tourist site to reserving a restaurant, a bell attendants job of attending to the customer's every need is very wide and requires knowledge and other subjects and the ability to provide further services as they are needed. Because this hotel is often used by customers who wish to celebrate their anniversaries, the plan which I proposed for offering a special one-day value-added service has a great sense of contribution. The daily chances to meet people and many interactions are the main things that give a sense of pleasure when working at a hotel.

The insecurity one feels when one cannot
communicate with language, and how it's me
who can understand and therefore
I am the one who can be the solution.

It is the Japanese sense of service that has taught I, who came to Japan to learn the Japanese language, the future that I need to aim for. I was moved by the wonderful service and became interested in learning service and hotel work. In order to make my dream come true, I majored in hotel marketing at Osaka University of Tourism upon my university entrance. I was able to polish my skills in becoming aware of what services to offer guests to satisfy their needs. I am careful of a customer’s age and country culture when doing so. Because I was the one who was insecure about not being able to communicate with Japanese when I first came here, I am so happy to be able to use my language ability to help customers. I hope to truly understand Japan's deep sense of service, and once I have gained a good practical understanding of the know-how, to take that back to my home country and spread those practices as best I can.